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Within the vast field of B2B Marketing, capturing your audience’s attention has never been harder. Video is a proven tactic for engaging decision makers, but finding the right channel and the perfect environment has always been the challenge.

Over 42% of the digital B2B advertisers described this as their biggest problem when running any sort of video campaign on other platforms.

There is a huge demand for video content, which means you should be utilising it in your B2B Marketing strategy.

Video builds brand awareness by telling rich and visual stories and drives traffic. It’s all about connecting with your audience, and on a platform such as LinkedIn – which is all about establishing relationships – video is the way to pique the interest of your connections.

But how do you tell your story through video content? Leave that to team iM…

“Jonathan, who I’ve known for a few years now, is completely different from others in his space. He sees innovative opportunities around people, and their experiences, and he understands the power of driving this though a platform approach.”

Darrel Pugh-Director at Stonehaven Search Limited

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