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You may have the intention of building a LinkedIn company page for branding reasons, but without any strategy and understanding of the platform, your results won’t help you progress and grow.  

In a world of businesses and entrepreneurship, the lines between company branding and personal branding can sometimes seem blurred. However, the two work hand-in-hand towards success. It’s about using a combination of both to reach new dimensions.

By managing your company’s online profile the right way, you can create a coherent and trusted brand identity which intertwines with your personal brand. Managing this dual approach can be challenging, but when done well it can deliver breakout opportunities.

“I’d recommend him highly for those people seeking expertise in driving growth from digital platforms. You can safely forget mundane old school practices, and start to embrace new opportunities, and engaging new audiences, with his help.”

Darrel Pugh-Director at Stonehaven Search Limited

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