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Effective Social Media Marketing: Platform Priority, Privacy & Posting


Ever heard of Wetherspoons? Of course, you have!

You may have also heard that they were previously very public about their decision to close down all their social media accounts.

However, it’s not just this the much-loved and well-known pub chain that made this bizarre and rash decision. It seemed that there was a strange period earlier in the year when brands and celebs either scrapped the sites or went on a social media ‘detox’.

With all the confusion on data laws and GDPR, the constant controversy of fake news, online trolls and of course the data privacy scandal that rocked the social media boat, it was, of course, going to affect the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

However, it is clear that many businesses are still continuing to harness the power of one particular platform… LinkedIn.

Some brands, of course, need the Facebook frenzy and it is essential to their brand. Sharing irrelevant posts of dog videos and such can work for the lighthearted brand with a less corporate feel. You just have to look at how big Innocent Drinks got from doing this to see that it can work if done properly. It’s all about strategy and the personality of your brand.

Did you know that 57% of all businesses have a company LinkedIn page? 50% of B2B buyers also use the platform when making purchasing decisions.

Depending on your target demographic, the majority of the people you need to reach are on LinkedIn. Even if they don’t have a company profile, the chances are the MD or CEO will.

You know that saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ Well, this quote is perfect for LinkedIn. You don’t have to be best of friends with your connections, but once your ideal candidate has accepted, you have their details, and can kickstart a relevant conversation! No trolls here!

Oh, and LinkedIn allows you to create an opt-in database which means it’s fully compliant with privacy laws, and you have full control over the data!

By knowing your brand, being on the right platform, posting the right things and connecting with the right people, your brand will have no choice but to grow. Of course, the addition of email can help too.

Get your B2B marketing and LinkedIn strategy spot on and you could end up having business coming straight to you.


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