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Bringing Brands & People Together Through LinkedIn


Having values and a culture in the workplace is important. It can not only bring your workforce together and make for a happier staff base, but it is a step in the right direction for your employer branding.

Unilever understands the power of LinkedIn and how the platform can enhance the business strategy and streamline processes and not just for recruitment reasons.  This large global firm has captured authentic and unique perspectives from its workforce and attracted talent from 190 countries. So just how did they grow their brand and attract a global workforce of 169,000 people?

The Challenge: For Unilever, it can often be hard to find the right people for the right opportunity. Building the perfect talent pool while standing out in a crowded recruitment space is key. While it’s a challenge to authentically communicate the culture and values while providing an insight into Unilever family life, the company has to embrace it head-on.

The Solution: Through a smart strategy, Unilever showcases their business and life through the voice of their employees. More than 150 employees from their global workforce share their insight, expertise and experience on LinkedIn Pulse and Elevate. They know the impact of their story sharing.

By leveraging the employee voice we are able to share a more authentic view of what it is like to work at Unilever; our values, culture and what is important to us as an organisation. This detail provides information that allows passive talent that we are trying to attract into the business to make a more informed decision about pursuing a career at Unilever,” Says Keeran Gunnoo, Unilever’s Global Employer Brand Director.

They champion their employee voices in many ways. They showcase their blogs and publish on average three/four times a week as well as sharing rich media, illustrating life at the company. Through blogs, employee insights into day-to-day activities, they provide an insider perspective.

This strategic and forward-thinking approach amplifies the content and makes sure their audience will find their content truly engaging.

This video shows how you can bring brand and people together through LinkedIn, just as Unilever did.

LinkedIn has been previously perceived as a glorified job board, however just as any other social media platform has, it has evolved. While LinkedIn has grown and developed, it still remains faithful to the talent solutions. In fact, its new and improved solution combined with the ideal LinkedIn strategy for company brand and employer brand, you can get your story and your jobs in front of the right people.

After all, great companies are built with great people.

People Are Your Greatest Asset

LinkedIn is all about people”. As the CEO of Unilever said, there are only two sources of utterly unique competitive advantage – brands and people. There’s no doubt that LinkedIn brings both of these aspects together.

Employer branding is all about people. It is the market perception of your company as an employer; it’s not enough to just put a job advert out today. You need to tell the story behind your business and showcase what is unique at your organisation. By showcasing the positive culture of your business, recruiting time and costs can be significantly reduced.

The culture of an organisation and the way it treats its employees can be the biggest mark on potential candidates.

Prioritise people and you can reap the benefits as a business and a brand.

Bigger Strategy

As a part of a bigger strategy, LinkedIn can fit perfectly. Just as Unilever did, businesses can utilise specific parts of the platform to reach their end goal. Strategies are different for everyone, and a bespoke approach is likely needed for everyone, whether a personal brand or employer brand or company brand. They all work together as a part of the bigger picture.

Unilever as a part of their radical simplification project had goals to half their time, half their costs and drive up satisfaction. Through a combination of LinkedIn’s assets, they achieved this.

Investing in the Right Tools

All business owners know that the right tools are needed for success. For Unilever (like many others) LinkedIn is a vital tool to provide a platform, a voice and a seat around the table for business leaders. This makes sure they know the future plans of the business, get updates and also get a feel for the personality of the company.

Potential employees can see an insight into their future place of work, what the culture is like and much more. It can be empowering if used right.

The Results:

Unilever now has more than 2.2 million followers and have seen increases on both the page views per person since the introduction of LinkedIn Career pages and an increase in job clicks.

30% of people hired are followers of the company on LinkedIn, which shows just how much influence your company brand has. It shows that people are actually interested in your business and want to follow your journey, from a personal, company and employer perspective.

Alongside Unilever, companies such as PlayStation and Groupon are utilising the recruitment and branding benefits of LinkedIn. LeeAnn Boennighausen, Director of Technical Recruiting ENT at Groupon says “LinkedIn has a diverse candidate pool and allows you to target, so you can support hiring across your entire organisation”.

Amazon, Nestle and Dropbox are just a few more who utilise LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Information and video sourced from LinkedIn:

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